a sex trafficking prevention campaign



Prostitution is a multi-billion dollar enterprise and, contrary to popular belief, it is not a victimless crime. In fact, it is fueling the growing human trafficking crisis locally and globally. The trafficking of people for commercial sexual exploitation is driven mostly by men who buy sex and the pimps/traffickers (the demand) who lure, deceive, coerce, control, and sexually exploit vulnerable girls, boys, and women (the supply). This black market relies on horrific violence including rape, drug addiction, extreme physical & emotional trauma, and even the murder of these victims. The perpetrators’ twisted love of power, money, and hedonism– as well as an utter lack of respect for human dignity– are at the root of this crisis.


Buy Sex, Buy Rape is a sex trafficking prevention campaign targeting men, young and old, and letting them know the violence that is on their guilty hands when they buy sex via prostitution. If we can get sex buyers to stop buying sex, and voice against it fervently, we will be able to the reduce demand and, correspondingly, the number of victims. Ultimately, we seek to see all girls, boys, and women not be sexually exploited, harmed or scarred in any way. This campaign strives to inform men and appeal to their better selves, thereby deterring men from buying sex.


Buy Sex, Buy Rape campaign is being developed and led by Hope for Seattle and its Board of Advisors. We hope to launch this campaign by Summer 2012.  In the meantime, we are gathering partners across the U.S. and other countries who will collaborate with us to promote this campaign in their own city and region via social media, posters, advertisements, billboards, public service announcements, etc. To launch this initiative successfully across multiple media, we are asking for financial support. If you are interested in being a financial partner, please go to our Donate webpage and make your donation today. For more info, please contact us here.