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314 ‘Johns’ arrested in sting targeting sex traffickers

In hotels and brothels, and via the Internet over a 10-day period ending Monday night, 314 “johns” were arrested and charged in a multi-state effort targeting sex traffickers.

It’s the result of the second “National Day of Johns Arrests,” following the momentum of last year’s Columbus Day weekend pilot sweep of “johns,” according to the Cook County’s Sheriff’s Office.

The FBI Chicago Division, Aurora police, Elgin police and the Kane County Sheriff’s Office were some of the local law enforcement agencies involved in the investigation.

“Large sporting events such as the Super Bowl bring out competitiveness in all of us — including, unfortunately, pimps and sex traffickers,” Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said in the release. “In the days leading up to and including Super Bowl Sunday, my office coordinated with 19 other law enforcement agencies from around the country to send a strong message that our communities refuse to tolerate the sale of human beings for sex.”

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INDIANAPOLIS (1/17/11)—As the roar of the crowd fills Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on February 5, two teams will struggle for victory in Super Bowl XLVI. Fans will cheer for their chosen heros, unaware that a darker struggle will be taking place in the cheap hotels and brothels surrounding the stadium.

The annual Super Bowl weekend is considered to be the largest sex trafficking event in the United States, and some even say it is the largest in the world. In dimly lit rooms, pimps and johns will buy and sell child prostitutes as part of the reprehensible crime of sex trafficking.

Human trafficking for purposes of sex has become an increasing problem surrounding major sporting events. At the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the fight against human trafficking was elevated to a new level. Here in the U.S., the Indiana and Michagan based Coalition for Corporate Responsibility (CCR) will be leading the charge against human trafficking during the upcoming Super Bowl XLVI.

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Buy Sex, Buy Rape is a sex trafficking prevention campaign to help end the demand of men buying sex in prostitution. Many reports reveal tens of thousands of prostituted girls and women are trafficked every year into the host city of the Super Bowl or other major sporting events such as the World Cup. In fact, prostitution, sexual exploitation, and sex trafficking have reached a point of worldwide crisis. Some shocking statistics:

  1. 1.8 million new children are coerced into the sex trade each year in the world
  2. At least 100,000 and up to 300,000 U.S. domestic youth are trafficked within U.S. borders
  3. Average age of girls entering into prostitution is 12-14 years old

This sex trafficking prevention campaign aims to target men, informing and appealing to their better selves to not buy sex because they are fueling this sex trafficking crisis worldwide. Stop the demand, stop the rape!

To help support this campaign, please go here. If you want to partner and help promote this campaign in your area, please contact us.

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